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How To Benefit From italki Questions

italki Questions is one of the many useful features of the italki website. However, many students make mistakes when asking questions, which can often result in the student receiving answers which are not optimal. Have a look at this article to learn several helpful suggestions for how to benefit the most from italki Questions.

Você Vs. Tu: How And Where Can I Use Them?

A big issue when learning Portuguese is understanding the use of você or tu. When do you use them, and in what Portuguese speaking regions are they appropriate? In this article, follow the author on a journey around the Portuguese speaking world in order the learn about the rich and surprising variation in the use of these two important words.

Why You Shouldn't Be In A Rush When Learning A Language

Many students start learning a language with a huge sense of urgency. However, sometimes the best thing to do is just relax! This article will explain why it is best not to rush language learning, but instead to focus on learning an entire culture as well.

A Beginner's Guide To Italian Tenses

Italian tenses are quite challenging for learners, especially those who aren't already native speakers of a romance language. Specifically, the indicative mood has eight different tenses, and they don't always have an exact English equivalent. In this article, we'll see which ones are really fundamental for beginners to learn and why.

5 Must-Read Books To Improve Your Japanese

The best way to learn Japanese is by speaking Japanese. But, if you really want to level up, you should definitely be reading Japanese books! Here, you can find a list of 5 useful and enjoyable books that will help you take your Japanese to the next level.

How To Get The Most From Tutoring Sessions

It's great once you have found a tutor, but how can you get the most out of your tutoring sessions? This article will help by giving you nine useful tips for a better session with your chosen teacher, and correcting common misconceptions about tutoring that may be holding you back.

The Ancient Wisdom Of Chinese Numerals

We study a lot about words in other languages, but what about numbers? In this article, learn about the ancient origin, evolution and extended meaning of the first three Chinese numbers: 1, 2 and 3.

Tips To Improve English Speaking Skills And Expand Vocabulary

One of the most important things that you can do when learning English is to just practice speaking it! This article will give you 5 effective tips to help you improve your skills, vocabulary, pronunciation and confidence when speaking English.

Japanese Onomatopoeia: The Ultimate Guide

When learning Japanese, have you ever encountered certain four letter words that make absolutely no sense? These words are actually sound-symbolic words. In this article, learn more about their purpose, and how you can use this vocabulary to skillfully describe many phenomena in Japanese, and sound more like a native at the same time.

Greek Articles And Pronouns

Greek pronouns and articles are tricky and it’s easy to make mistakes... even for Greeks! However, with effort and continuous study, you can learn to use these words correctly and without any problem. This article serves as an introduction that can help you do just that, by providing detailed examples of what is correct, and not correct, in the Greek language.

Sound More Like A Native With The Compound 比较

Every language has its own special words that all native speakers use regularly, but language learners may not be aware of. Chinese is no exception. In this article, learn how to use a simple Chinese word, 比较, which will help you make a great impression on all your native friends!


Reading To Improve Your English Skills

Reading is a wonderful tool for improving your English. In addition to increasing your reading aptitude, it can also be used to improve your writing, speaking and listening abilities, while giving you important insight into natural, native speech. In this article, learn some powerful tips to help guide you as you learn English through the written word.

italki Quiz: What Language Should You Learn?

Quiz yourself: Sometimes we don't know what language we should learn next. Answer these 10 questions and find the perfect new language for you!

Improving Your Conversational Italian

Are you trying to learn and master the Italian language quickly? Everybody wants to be able to hold a conversation in no time, but it is hard to decide on the exact steps to follow in order to learn to speak Italian confidently. Here are eight tips and tricks to help you learn Italian from scratch to fluency.


5 Techniques To Learn Russian You Can't Live Without

Russian, like many other languages, is difficult to learn. However, there are methods that you can use to make the process easier and more meaningful. In this article, discover 5 highly effective techniques for learning Russian that will use all your senses, help boost your memory, and make studying language fun!