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How To Deal With The German Sentence Structure

Mark Twain may have found German sentence structure confusing, but you don't have to! Read this article and learn the ins and outs of German sentence structure.

Learn Russian With Criminal Music

Have you ever heard Russian songs of the 90s? Learn more about the gangster life from the songs about "serious guys" and use them to expand your vocabulary.


What Is Fluency?: Exploring Different Types

Fluency is the ultimate goal of any language learner, but what IS fluency, anyway? Fluency is a very broad term and this article explores a few different types of fluency so that you can determine which kind is best for you.

Serbian and Croatian Verbs: The Essentials

In this article I explain the two auxiliary verbs, the three main groups of verbs, and their conjugation in present, past and future.

15 Idiomatic Expressions With Color

This article contains 15 idiomatic expressions with color (written in Spanish). Read more to find out how these work!

Italian Food Idioms

Using idioms and expressions in a foreign language can be quite difficult. This is especially true if you don't live in the target language's country or if you never have the chance to practice with a native speaker. This article will help by teaching you about five interesting idioms related to food in Italian.

7 Steps To Widen Your Vocabulary In Russian

An easy 7-step method that will definitely help you widen your vocabulary in Russian--or any language!

Serbian and Croatian: Similarities And Differences

This is the essential introduction to understanding what Serbian and Croatian have in common as well as their differences, highlighting the five most prominent distinctions.

8 Words To Describe Beauty In Russian

Ever wanted to describe the beauty of someone or something, but not know how? Never be at a loss for words again with these eight words for beauty in Russian.

Mi Método Para Enseñar Español

This is my personal vision of the ideal process of teaching and learning Spanish. Curriculum, means and tools. Read for more details.

The Guide To Gender In Italian

This article will help you when dealing with Italian nouns ending with -e. It will give you some tips to remember their gender and avoid really common mistakes.

How To Describe Body Shapes In Chinese

This article explains some common mistakes made when describing body shapes in Chinese, and gives tips on how to fix them.

Numbers In Serbian

Numbers are very important for everyday life. Knowing how to say them correctly can make a huge difference in your ability to communicate with others. In this article, readers will learn the essentials of numbers in Serbian, including using numbers up to one billion, asking about someone’s age and telling time.

Numbers In Russian: The Ultimate Guide

How often do we use numbers during the day? How often do we talk about time, distance or prices? This is a comprehensive guide for cardinal numbers in Russian. If you have a problem with numbers in Russian, then this is the article for you!


Dichos Con Ser Y Estar

Learn how to use the Spanish word "to be" in this article. (This article is written in Spanish).