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One Easy Trick To Instantly Reduce Your Accent In English

Looking for a quick fix to reduce your accent in English? Benny the Irish Polyglot from the "Fluent in 3 Months" blog has the answers. Use this simple "hack" to start speaking English more confidently and fluently!

5 Most Common Words From Korean Books

Having problem reading Korean books? Or are you a beginner learning Korean words? Learn these 5 most commonly used words from Korean books!

10 Word Pairs That Students Often Misuse In English

It's often difficult to spot the differences between words with similar meanings, but which are used differently. Are "say" and "tell" the same thing? Read this article to find out more.

An Easy Check: The Adverbial Participle In Russian

It's easy to misuse the adverbial participle in Russian. Want to know an easy way to check to make sure you're doing it correctly? This guide will help you get it right every time!


5 Secrets To Improving Your TOEFL Listening Score 25%

These weird tricks will make your TOEFL listening score take off! Read on to decipher the 5 secrets which are sure to help you for your exam.


3 Must-Know Language Learning Principles

No matter where you are learning a language (or what language you're learning), if you don’t know these principles, you are at a an extreme disadvantage. These three must-know language learning principles are sure to help you.

Taking Italian Idioms Literally: Part 2

The Italian language is very rich in idioms that can sound funny to English learners when translated literally. Read part 2 of the series "Taking Italian Idioms Literally"!


6 Expresiones Idiomáticas Que Te Ayudarán A Aprender Japonés

Este artículo ofrece algunos ejemplos de expresiones idiomaticas en japonés y como estas reflejan la forma de pensar de las personas que hablan un idioma.

Cómo Usar El Presente De Subjuntivo Para Expresar Probabilidad

El subjuntivo es un modo muy particular de la lengua española, no todos los idiomas lo utilizan y para muchos estudiantes es un hueso duro de roer.


Increase Your Vocabulary With Games

This article shows how to improve your vocabulary in any foreign language using word games. It can be useful both for teachers and students.


Proverbial Phrases In Korean

Proverbial phrases are said to be sayings of the wise. Are you "reaching for the stars in the sky" with your Korean learning? Read this article to increase your knowledge of these useful Korean idioms!

Taking Italian Idioms Literally: Part 1

The Italian language is very rich in idioms that can sound funny to English learners when translated literally. Read part 1 of the series "Taking Italian Idioms Literally"!


24 Expressions To Describe People In English

Express yourself! Are you affectionate? Arrogant? Moody? These expressions will help you describe anybody you meet just like a native speaker would.

Placing Commas In Portuguese

Proper comma placement is extremely important in certain languages such as English and Portuguese. In fact, it is an extremely sensitive issue, that doing it incorrectly can change the entire meaning of a sentence! Read this article to learn how and where to place commas in Portuguese.

Boost Your Language Learning With Music

Getting tired of repetitious grammar exercised and tedious memorization? Tune into the world of music, where you can immerse yourself in the language while embracing the cultural bridge that breaks all barriers.