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Speak Italian Like An Italiano

These 10 Italian idomatic expressions will help you speak Italian like a real "italiano" in no time!

Cómo Estudiar Español y No Morir en el Intento

¿Te está costando aprender español? Probablemente necesites crear un plan de estudio que te ayude a mejorar día a día. En este artículo aprenderás cómo.

Focus On The Positive - A Success Story

Success breed success. So here's a little success story to help you get the motivation you need for those moments when the going gets tough.

Verb Patterns in English: Gerunds and Infinitives

Do you find it difficul to know when to use 'go', 'to go' or 'going' in english? Here are some examples and some exercises to help you find your way.

When to Use “por” and “para” in Spanish: The Complete List of Rules

Master when to use "por" and "para" in Spanish with this complete list of rules, 7 for each, plus example sentences to help you remember.

10 Expressões Idiomáticas com Animais no Português Brasileiro: Animal Idioms in Brazilian Portuguese

Learn vocabulary, common sayings, and a little bit of culture all at once with these 10 colorful animal idioms in Brazilian Portuguese!


Boost Your Vocabulary: 6 Tips for Making Paper Flashcards

Good, old-fashioned paper flashcards are still an effective way to study! You can make your own DIY SRS (Spaced Repetition System) without yet another app.


Uniquely Incapable: The Hazards of Learning a Language from Friends

We all know the hazards of trying to learn from a native speaker with no teaching experience!

Simple Sentence Patterns: Your Key to Learning Arabic

When beginning Arabic, don't just memorize individual words - learn more effectively by using these simple sentence patterns to put them in context.

Common Grammar Mistakes Made by Spanish Speakers When Learning English

This article is principally aimed toward English teachers, Spanish speakers who are learning English and all people interested in knowing some of the most common mistakes made by these learners.

Learning Italian Effectively: 5 Tips for Improving Quickly

Accelerate your progress learning Italian by making effective use of these online Italian resources and study tips, helpful for beginning or intermediate students.

How to Improve your IELTS Writing Score in 4 Steps

To get an IELTS score of 7 or above, you'll need a new strategy. Don't waste your time or money taking the exam unless you can follow these 4 steps.

Blueprint of a French Sentence: Grammar Rules and Examples

If you find French sentences or grammar intimidating, then learn the basics now, practice them correctly, and save yourself the trouble in the future.

Spanish Speaking Rock From All Over The World

Spanish speaking rock bands aren't always internationally known, so here's a selection of links so you can practice your Spanish listening skills.


Is Your Elevator Speech Pushing the Right Buttons? Introducing Yourself in the Business World

Memorizing an "Elevator Speech" is a great way to introduce yourself to business contacts. Here's what you need to do to make a good impression.