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How to Find a Good Russian Teacher On italki

This article gives five guidelines to help students choose the right teacher in italki community to study Russian.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Spoken English

How do we improve our English speaking? With lots of practice. Lots of correct practice! Every piece of correct speaking practice takes us one step closer to confidence and fluency.

8 Slang words You Must Know in Chinese

Chinese has marked a big evolution in the past couple of years as internet develops fast. Here are eight you must know slangs in Chinese.

Learn Italian From Scratch: Lesson 1

Are you thinking about starting to learn Italian? Or do you want to brush up on your basic knowledge? After reading this article, you will be able to construct your first sentences in Italian.

Improve Your English Vocabulary With Word Formation Exercises for Intermediate Students

A few tips on how to improve your vocabulary with the help of word formation.

Talking about Talking in English – The Secret Words that English Teachers Never Tell You

Teacher Ben tells you the words that will make you sound native. Today we’re talking about talking and learning how to discuss conversations.


Useful Phrases in English And Their Spanish Equivalent

Sometimes we want to translate something that we say in English into Spanish, and it’s not always accurate. Here I share with you the right way to say in Spanish some phrases we use in every day English.

Why You Are Learning The 3rd Tone Wrong in Chinese And How To Get It Right

The third tone in Chinese is a tough one to grasp. Foreigners are taught to "visualise going down and then up", but there's a better way...

How to Describe Food and Talk About Hunger in British English

Teacher Ben is going to teach you all about British food and drink and explore different ways to say hungry, thirsty, full, and delicious.


Key Phrases for TOEFL Speaking Test

Gain confidence and sound more fluent with important phrases to structure your speaking response in the TOEFL exam

The Cheat Sheet to Portuguese Phonetics

When we learn a new language, one of the major difficulties is the phonetic. Here are some Portuguese phonetics tips.

Why You Need To Use The Subjunctive in French

This is the verb tense that most students don't like. Giving your French some colour, this is what you will be able to do once you learn the subjunctive.

How Do Chinese People Celebrate The Spring Festival

The Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, is the most important festival in Chinese culture. Read all about the origins and customs of this traditional event.

30 Most Common Argentian Slang Terms

Slang words are important for travel because they allow you to communicate with locals on their terms. Take a look at these 30 frequently used Argentinian slang terms.

Reading Comprehension and Writing Articles

Why is reading and writing in English so difficult for foreign language learners? The English language originates from dozens of languages such as Latin, French, German, and Greek. The diversity of English words and variations of nuances and sentence structure is nearly infinite. Here are some simple tips to help you begin improving your reading comprehension and writing strategies.