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The Arabic language – is it Difficult to Learn?

Here's some advice and resource recommendations from a student of Arabic to help you begin your Arabic journey.

Respond to a Sneeze (in Portuguese)

What do you say when someone sneezes? If you're in Portugal or learning Portuguese, here's what to say and when to say it.


Improve Your Word Power: 6 Tips for Building Vocabulary

Learn a new language as fast as possible with these effective methods for improving and building vocabulary as you grow in your language skills.

7 Palabras que Necesitas Conocer Antes de Visitar Chile

Esta lista de 7 palabras chilenas informales te ayudará a evitar cometer un error imperdonable cuando estés en Chile. ¡No metas la pata!

Learn Vocabulary through Japanese Puns (だじゃれ Dajare)

Japanese vocabulary through punny mnemonics! Learn these Japanese puns and make some Japanese friends.


Talking About the Weather: Weather-Related Sayings in English

The best way to start conversation with a Brit is by talking about the weather. Learn how to use these common English sayings and what they mean.

5 Ways to Improve your Conversational Skills in Spanish

It's not enough just to know vocabulary - you need to know how to use it in real conversation! Accelerate your conversational Spanish with these study tips:


7 idee per imparare l'italiano senza esercitarsi sui testi

Esiste qualche modo per imparare l'italiano senza esercitarsi sui soliti manuali di testo? Qui troverete 7 consigli per migliorare il vostro italiano senza sforzo.

Pretty Amazing Prepositions of Place: In, On, At, and More!

Is the cat in the tree or is the cat on the tree? Try these fun exercises to help you remember to use correct prepositions in English.

Money in French

How do you say "money" in French? Learn how to use the word "argent" properly, check out examples, idioms, slang and more!

How to Write a Business Email

Are you using proper English for your formal business communications? Improve your English business emails and get quicker replies with these phrases.


Arabic العربية: Some Advice for Beginners

Which Arabic dialect should I learn? What about pronunciation and writing? Important advice for beginning Arabic students.

Which Arabic? A Comic about Languages and Dialects

When beginning a language like Arabic, students sometimes don't realize how many options there are for where to start!

The Easiest Way to Learn Hiragana

Traditional ways of learning aren't always the most effective. Get started in Japanese with this unconventionally quick, easy, and fun way to learn hiragana.


10 Everyday Expressions Using the Verb "Dar" (to give)

In Portuguese, the literal meaning of "dar" is "to give", but there are also many figurative meanings. Here are 10 common (and sometimes amusing) uses in everyday speech.