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Stress Points: Increase Your English Vocabulary

There are many words in the English language that have two, three or even five meanings, depending on where you put the stress on the word. Learning these stress points will literally enable you to add two or three words to your vocabulary by learning just one word!

The Most Common Job Interview Questions In English (And How To Answer Them)

Learn how to impress your next employer with this handy guide to the most common job interview questions in English (and the perfect answers!). Professional italki English teacher Jack will reveal what those tricky questions really mean and give you some vital language to land your dream job!

Placement and Position in Chinese

Are you familiar with how to describe placement and position in Chinese? 出,里,外! Here we explain each one in detail.

How Language Teaches Itself

In this article, I would like to illuminate the principle that language teaches itself. Some teachers may point this out explicitly, and with good reason.

Numbers in French

Crash course: Numbers in French from 0 to 1,000,000. How to tell the time, to read a phone number and how to say difficult dates like ("in 1999"). Who's up for it?

The Decalogue for Good Italian

My article explains some linguistic and cultural issues in Italian language. I made 10 points where I go through some typical pronunciation mistakes and some cultural stereotypes.


How I Scored A 7.5 On My IELTS Speaking Section

Are you looking to improve on your IELTS speaking section score? Here are methods that can help you prepare for your exam!

How to Greet People in English Without Sounding Weird

Today, I'm going to teach you better ways to greet people in English. I'm going to teach you English greetings that are informal. You can use them with friends, family, acquaintances, and even people you don't know too well.


5 Things that Russian Textbooks Teach You Wrong

Here are 5 common half-truths things that you will find in Russian textbooks, clarified

5 Must-Know Phrases in Korean For Absolute Beginners

Hello, My Name Is ~, Nice to Meet You, Thank You, I’m Sorry… Do you know how to say these in Korean? Learn 5 absolute beginner’s phrases first!

Formal Business Writing: Resolving Difficult Commercial Situations

Through the use of three example letters, this article illustrates different writing styles and phrasing used in a formal business context.

Chinese Online Buzzwords

There are many new online buzzwords that have entered our lives. Come and see which phrase is your favorite!

Everyday Portuguese Idioms About Food… That Have Nothing To Do With Food

In Portuguese -like all languages- there are plenty of idioms. Some of them, especially when literally translated, may sound funny.

Why Literal Translations Can Help You Learn A Language

Of course, sounding natural is our end goal. But should we throw direct translations out the window? Probably not. Here's why it's important to reverse engineer a language by using direct translations.

How to Find a Good Russian Teacher On italki

This article gives five guidelines to help students choose the right teacher in italki community to study Russian.