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How to Write a Business Email

Are you using proper English for your formal business communications? Improve your English business emails and get quicker replies with these phrases.


Arabic العربية: Some Advice for Beginners

Which Arabic dialect should I learn? What about pronunciation and writing? Important advice for beginning Arabic students.

Which Arabic? A Comic about Languages and Dialects

When beginning a language like Arabic, students sometimes don't realize how many options there are for where to start!

The Easiest Way to Learn Hiragana

Traditional ways of learning aren't always the most effective. Get started in Japanese with this unconventionally quick, easy, and fun way to learn hiragana.


10 Everyday Expressions Using the Verb "Dar" (to give)

In Portuguese, the literal meaning of "dar" is "to give", but there are also many figurative meanings. Here are 10 common (and sometimes amusing) uses in everyday speech.

Learning English by Learning Programming

Keep yourself motivated and double your learning by using your target language to learn something new! Even beginners can use English to learn computer programming...


4 Ways to Enjoy Using Esperanto Online

Where do you go for Esperanto immersion? The internet! Find articles, music, movies, and communities for your Esperanto immersion online.


3 Mitos Sobre el Aprendizaje de Idiomas, Desacreditados

Si te identificas con alguno de estos 3 mitos a la hora de aprender idiomas, aqui tienes las 3 razones por las que te equivocas.

Five Ways to Improve Your English Writing

English writing isn't just about knowing the vocabulary. Noticing these 5 basic things will improve your English writing (and learning) right away.


Rubrica: leggiamo insieme in Italiano, Apnea di Paola Tinchitella

Italian students searching for good reading material can start here! Come migliorare la lingua attraverso i libri: la visione della donna e i suoi pensieri in: Apena di Paola Tinchitella.


Perfect your Street Chinese: 4 Meanings of 嘛

嘛 and 吗 are both pronounced "ma" and can come at the end of a statement, but give completely different meanings. Perfect your use of 嘛 and sound like a native Mandarin speaker!

What does “Would of” Mean? Don't Make this English Grammar Mistake!

Do you feel confused by the phrases "Would of", "Could of" or "Should of"? Don't make this mistake! Learn why "Would of" should be "Would have", and why even native speakers make this common mistake.

Lo Más Importante para Aprender un Idioma

¿Qué es lo más importante para aprender un idioma? Inspire your Spanish studies by reading about what you need to learn a language ... in Spanish!

Get Ready to Speak Esperanto!

Have you been wondering just how easy it is to learn Esperanto? Here is a quick, but thorough introduction to Esperanto basics for beginners. See for yourself just how quickly you can learn!


Learning Esperanto: Suspiciously Easy

Have you ever wondered how an artificially constructed language grows and spreads? Here's a comedic, artistic rendition by the creator of the Itchy Feet webcomic (It's that easy!)