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6 Ways To Improve Your English Pronounciation

Having problems getting others to understand you? Mixing up sounds, stumbling on words, or choking out consonants? Here are six ways you can improve your English pronunciation.

How You Can Speed Up Your Language Learning

Many language learners have a great deal of difficulty trying to memorize hundreds upon hundreds of vocabulary words from the lists in their textbooks. Learn how to speed up your language learning here!

Speaking Terms (a comic look at language learning)

How do people respond when you try speaking the language you're learning? Here's a light-hearted look at the frustrations of many language learners!

The Russian Letter P

The letter P (transcribed as 'r') might confuse some Russian language-learners coming from languages that don't use this sound. Here are some tips on how to pronounce it along with some exercises to practice!


French Tests: How to Improve Your Score (especially for TEFaQ)

Nothing but the truth about grades in general, exams, and TEFAQ in particular

10 Essential Tips on Learning Spanish

Have you ever thought that Spanish is too difficult to learn? Check out these ten essential tips on learning Spanish to make your life easier!

Task Based Language Learning

What is Task Based Language Learning (TBLL)? Read on to discover the history, development, advantages and disadvantages of this language learning model.

Minimal Effective Dose

Managing your language-learning time can be a daunting task. Don't waste your time! Learn how to better manage that precious resource with the Minimal Effective Dose technique.

Know Your Relatives

Learn the Spanish vocabulary necessary to correctly name every single one of your relatives while learning about the spanish royal family!


Les Déclinaisons en Russe

Comment fonctionnent les déclinaisons dans la langue russe? Ces terminaisons des mots sont parfois compliqués, voici comment s'y retrouver!


For Teachers: Why Increasing Student Confidence is a Teacher's Greatest Responsibility

How do you increase your student's confidence? Why is it important? Check out this article and learn how to inspire your student learning a new language.

The Fractal Geometry of Language

Fractals are beautiful and have both finite and infinite characteristics. Let's see how the concept of fractal structures can be helpful for language learning.

Errores Comunes de Gramática Hechos por Hispanohablantes al Aprender Inglés

Este artículo está dirigido a todas las personas interesadas en conocer algunos de los errores comunes de gramática cometidos por los estudiantes.

What's that Word? Too Many Languages to Choose From!

Polyglots and language students, when has this happened to you?

Singular 'They' - What Is It and Should You Use It?

Having trouble understanding the use of 'they' as a singular pronoun? When is it correct? Why do native speakers use it? Check out this article to find out more!