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7 Ways To Unmask A Foreigner Who Speaks English

What are the seven most common mistakes foreigners make when speaking English? Let’s take a look at them and learn how to avoid them in everyday conversation.


Como Se Preparar Para O CELPE-Bras

This article provides useful information about the CELPE-Bras test and how italki can help students to prepare themselves for this exam. (This article is written in Portuguese.)


Russian Colours: The Complete Guide

When you are learning any language, colours are among the first words you learn. If you want to know how to say different colours in Russian and practice the use of this vocabulary, then this article is for you. Experienced learners will also find some useful Russian idioms that have to do with colours in this article as well.


British Or American English?

Many textbooks tell you that there are substantial differences between British and American English. In reality, the differences are relatively minor. Have a look at this article to learn just how easy it is to switch between British and American English.


How To Use Conjunctions To Make Longer Sentences In Spanish

Having difficulty with Spanish conjunctions? This article explains briefly what conjunctions are and how to use them in order to make longer Spanish sentences.

Why Should I Learn English?

In this article, you will learn the various reasons for learning English today, as well as the limitations if you decide not to learn it. In addition, you will learn how higher education does not guarantee a job, while knowledge of English opens doors. Finally, you will discover the importance of encouraging children to learn English from a young age, especially from native teachers.

italki Quiz: How Well Do You Know Foreign Foods?

We all know where pasta, sushi or burgers come from, but are you daring enough to have tried less common foods? Test your knowledge of worldly dishes with this quiz!

Tips To Use Definite And Indefinite Articles In Portuguese

If you have trouble understanding how to use Portuguese articles, read this! We’ll go through all the articles, state what they are used for, the differences between them and how to know when they are necessary or not in a given sentence.

5 Must Know Cultural Differences When Drinking Alcohol In Korea

Have you ever had a drink with Koreans? Due to their drinking culture, it can be a bit awkward if you've never drank alcohol with them before. Let’s go through some things that you should know!

How To Properly Use The Serbian Accusative Case In A Sentence

Like most Slavic languages, Serbian has cases, and they are usually the most difficult thing to understand about the language. Cases often cause words to change, sometimes so much that they are no longer recognizable. Here, get some useful guidance on one of the most common cases: the accusative.

Useful Resources To Learn French Effectively

I have realised that many students concentrate too much on grammar and spelling and do not use the media enough when studying a language. In this article, I explain how to use songs, newspaper articles, movies and TV news when learning French.


La Forma Mas Sencilla De Aprender Un Idioma

En este artículo el alumno descubrirá cómo la empatía hacia su aprendizaje determina su éxito más que sus recursos de tiempo, dinero o intelecto. Descubre en este artículo cómo tu capacidad de aprender depende más de la conciencia que motiva tu aprendizaje, que de tus recursos. (This article is written in Spanish.)

New Phenomena In Italian That You Cannot Find In Textbooks

Language is alway evolving, and the Italian language is no exception. There are numerous ways in which spoken Italian might differ from the language you learned in your textbooks. Discover three useful examples of these phenomena in this essential article.

How To Boost Your Korean Language Learning With Music

K-pop music and South Korean culture are becoming increasingly popular, making it easier for students to gain access to relevant resources when learning Korean. Music in particular is a great tool for learning. This article will serve as a starting point by providing some helpful guidelines on how to practice listening skills through music, as well as suggestions of great Korean songs to listen to.


How To Flirt In Serbian

Do you really like someone who is Serbian and want to know how to express your feelings? Here are some useful romantic words and phrases you can say in Serbian to impress your love in his or her native language.