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Watching German TV Online: 5 Recommended Websites

Watching German TV online from your computer is a fun way to learn. Here are some websites and exercises you can use to really make progress.


How Do You Really Greet In Chinese?

Chinese people don't say 你好! as often as foreigners do because it is pragmatically not the equivalent of Hello, but rather How do you do? Check out how people in China really greet!


How Do You Say In Italian? (Part II)

Italians are very colorful people and their language reflects this. They have a variety of expressions to indicate life situations, moods, actions, etc. We can call these “ways to say”.


The 10 Most Confusing Words of The French Language part I

There are some words that every French learner seems to confuse all the time. They are verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and prepositions. As they say: "If only I had a penny every time someone confused one of these words!"

The Reflexive Personal Pronoun СЕБЯ in Russian

The reflexive personal pronoun себя (oneself) refers to the subject of the clause in which it is located. This pronoun occurs in five of the six cases, each indicating different ways the action of the subject is reflected back to it.


5 Ways to Effectively Use TV Shows In Your Chinese Study Program

Choosing to be a second language learner is a lifestyle choice. If you are serious about learning Chinese to the level where you can use it effectively in your daily life, you might want to consider finding ways to actively study TV shows, by integrating them into your Mandarin study program.

Idiomatic Expressions in Spanish Using the Word 'Por'

The word 'for' in English can be translated into Spanish as either 'por' or 'para'. Learn how to correctly use the word 'por' with this list of idiomatic expressions in Spanish

Parts Of The Body In Italian

In Italian, there are many words which can confuse you and which also confuse Italian people. I'd like to talk to you about some of these, concerning body parts, which are:


Can Learning Spanish Increase your ACT or SAT Exam Scores?

Learning a new language is good for your brain in many unexpected ways; it can even train your brain in skills it will need for the ACT or SAT exams! Find out the different ways this can work to your advantage and how you can help your brain today…

5 Common Mistakes Made by Non-Native Speakers in Italian

These 5 common mistakes in Italian are basic and easy to correct. Fixing them will make you, your teacher, and your Italian friends feel so much better!

5 Useful Websites You Need to Know If You're Learning German

The secret to long-term success in learning German is in the tools and materials you use. Search this list of recommended websites to boost your German toolkit.


Using Anki Flashcards to Learn a Language

Self-directed language learners have been using and recommending Anki Flashcards for years. Here's a quick introduction to Anki and "spaced repetition".

Let's Learn English Grammar Incidentally !

Throughout primary and secondary school, and even later at private language schools, grammar is forced upon students in a very prescriptive way. It seems to be the passion of most curriculum managers and language school directors to force a structural syllabus upon teachers.


To Be or To Be? Using Ser vs. Estar in Portuguese

A lot of foreigners have problems with the verbs "ser" and "estar" because in English, both words mean “to be”. There is a difference, however, between the verbs.


How do I Write in Italian? Correct use of the Accent Mark

Do you know how to use accent marks when writing in Italian? Avoid these mistakes made by Italian learners and native speakers alike! Try the exercise at the end.