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Serbian Color Similies

A colorful way of describing something in any language is to use just that: color! And English and Serbian are no exception. In this article, learn thirty six useful color similies in English and Serbian that will help you to improve your descriptive abilities in both languages.

The Ultimate Guide To French Articles

In French, nouns are usually preceded by articles. But how do you choose which article to use in a specific situation? This is exactly what you will learn in this ultimate guide to French articles.

How 'Green' Are You?: Talking About The Environment In English

There's no doubt: the environment is currently a hot topic in the news. And if it’s a topic that you want to discuss or learn more about in English, it’s essential to know certain “green” terms. This article will get you up to speed, by providing you with a detailed explanation of seven terms that will help you better speak about environmental issues in English.

Essential Phrases To Make Small Talk In Italian

Are you nervous about making mistakes when discussing information about yourself in Italian? Do you need help asking and answering questions, or with keeping a conversation going with a person you just met? Look no further than this useful guide on how to make small talk in Italian.

6 Funny Idiomatic Expressions In Portuguese

Idiomatic expressions are always a little difficult to learn and often have surprising definitions. In this article, learn the meaning of six interesting Portuguese expressions that aren’t exactly what they seem... and which might even make you laugh a little in the process!

10 + 1 Tips To Improve Your Spanish Pronunciation

Have you ever tried to improve your phonetics and your pronunciation as you try to improve your vocabulary, grammar and conversation? Do you know how? This article is a compilation of ideas and tips that will make your communication even more effective and natural in Spanish.

How To Be An Inter-Cultural Speaker

What is Intercultural competence and how is it important for both language learners and teachers? Find out in this article why being aware of the difference in other cultures’ customs and perspectives is extremely important for you during your international experiences.

The Cheat-Sheet For Your Italian Vacation

Are you planning an Italian vacation and need some help learning how to ask questions, especially in a hotel setting? Have a look at this article to learn some essential Italian phrases that can help you avoid using English during your trip!

italki Quiz: How Well Do You Know Italy?

Quiz yourself: Do you think you know a lot about Italian culture, history, vocabulary and grammar? Take this fun italki quiz to learn just how much Italian knowledge you have... and how you measure up against other italki users!


How To Say “I Need Something” In Russian

One of the most basic things to learn in a foreign country is how to say “I need something.” Learn all the specifics of how this vital word works in Russian, complete with detailed tables and examples, in this helpful article. You NEED to check it out!


Common Mistakes In The Use Of 能 You've Probably Made Today

The Chinese word 能 can be very tricky for English speakers because it does not translate directly and it has a lot of exceptions. Learn here, through a variety of examples, how best to use this term, and how to correct some of the mistakes you may have been making in your spoken Chinese.

Tips Para Aprovechar Mejor Tu Tiempo De Estudio Del Español

El aprendizaje de una nueva lengua es un proceso que requiere un gran esfuerzo por parte del estudiante. Puede ser un proceso estresante y frustrante si no seguimos un plan de estudios adecuado al tipo de estudiante que somos y si no tenemos la concentración y motivación necesaria. En este artículo te ofrezco tips para que el aprendizaje de un nuevo idioma sea mucho más fácil y fructífero. (This article is written in Spanish.)

Quizzacious: The Mystery Of Word Frequency

Quizzacious. You have almost certainly heard of this word in the last 10 days. Michael Stevens, creator of the popular Vsauce YouTube channel posted a video on the topic exploring Zipf’s Law, the Pareto Principle, and the frequency of specific word occurrence in language and literature. Why this pattern occurs consistently remains one of the most fascinating unsolved mysteries of human language.

The Most Important Sound In English

Language learners sometimes struggle with the rhythm and speed of English. Students can often sound robotic or hesitant because they’re having trouble moving from one word to the next in a fluent way. This article will explain how just one very important sound can completely transform how you understand the English language. Introducing the ‘schwa’!

Aprender Un Idioma En Tres Meses

En este artículo aprenderás tres trucos o preguntas que debes hacerte para guiar tu aprendizaje de un nuevo idioma por el mejor camino y lograr aprenderlo en el más corto tiempo posible. (This article is written in Spanish.)