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Learn Russian With Masha And The Bear

Learning Russian is fun with the help of cartoons! This article will walk you through one episode of the Russian cartoon "Masha and the Bear".


How To Communicate Without Words

Many students fail exams because they don’t know a word and then stop speaking. Here are some tips to show you how to communicate without words.

Time Adverbials In Portuguese

Time adverbials in Portuguese are used to indicate when an action occurred. Learn their secrets with this article!

Typical Russian Pronunciation Mistakes

Check out 5 typical Russian pronunciation mistakes made even by proficient Russian learners. Want to sound more like a native? Read the explanations and practice along with 7 audio links.


Italian Slang Expressions

Slang words and expressions are some of the funniest and most interesting parts about learning a new language! Let’s have a look at some Italian slang words and idioms.


Phone Call Vocabulary in Russian

Here's a crash course on phone call vocabulary in Russian. Are you "out of balance"? Do you need someone to help charge your phone? What is the Russian for SMS? Here are the answers -- time to pick up your phone.


How Learning Esperanto Can Help You Learn Other Languages

The international language Esperanto could prepare you to become a polyglot thanks to its propaedeutic value. Discover how learning Esperanto can help you.

Using Articles In Portuguese: City And Country Names

When you talk about countries and cities in Portuguese, it is very important to use articles properly. There are no fixed rules in Portuguese grammar for this subject, so it's a common mistake students make. This article shows you some tips.

Commonly Used Slang Phrases And Idioms: Part 1

In this first part of my series "Commonly Use Slang Phrases and Idioms," I will teach you some common English slang phrases and idioms to sound more like a native speaker.


6 ½ Reasons You Should Learn German With Music

Many of us listen to music regularly, so why not put German learning together with something we feel good about? Here are 6 ½ reasons why learning German with German music makes total sense.


10 Beginner's Mistakes For Russian Learners

When you're learning Russian, it's easy to make these 10 beginner's mistakes. Learn what they are and how to avoid them!


Los Angeles Slang: Sound Like A Native Angelino

Have you ever visited Los Angeles and listened to the natives speak? Learn how to speak like the native Angelinos with these few tips!

Differences Between Castilian And Canarian Spanish

Looking to know more about the differences between Castilian and Canarian Spanish? This article explains everything you need to know!

Arguments And Discussions To Improve Your English Skills

We all love an argument, so argue yourself to a better level of English with this fun and creative exercise!

Miti Da Sfatare Sulla Cucina Italiana

Italiani a tavola: Ecco alcune nostre autentiche tradizioni, che spesso vengono comprensibilmente modificate quando escono dai nostri confini. Cosa ci piace? Cosa non e' "da noi"? Sfatiamo alcune leggende!