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The travel Chinese course

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  • Language taught: Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Course type: Other
  • Sessions taught: 17

Individual Sessions
  •  30 minute trial session - 80 ITC  
  • 45 minute session - 150 ITC
  • 60 minute session - 180 ITC
Session Packages
  • 10 x 45 minutes - 1400 ITC


The travel Chinesecourse is designed to make yourtrip more enjoyable while traveling in China by teaching you practical Chinesephrases used in daily Chineselife. My travel Chinese lessonsfocus on spoken Chinese that will be very useful when talking with native Chinesein the various situations you might encounter on yourtrip.
Travel ChineseLevel 1
Objectives:1. Become familiar with the Chinesenames of popular places in China.2. Have a good command of practical Chineselanguage skills while traveling in China.3. Able to conduct a basic conversation under different circumstances in Chinese, such as asking directions, shopping, and ordering food.4. Able to communicate with native Chinesespeakers if an emergency occurs while you aretraveling in China.
Travel ChineseLevel 2
Objectives:1. Learn advanced Chinesephrases and dialogues that you may encounter while traveling in China.2. Learn basic Chineseslang.3. Able to handle various complex situations such as bargaining and talking with the local people in Chinesewhile traveling in China.