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What should someone expect when visiting America

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Are you considering an opportunity to visit America? Do you or someone you know plan to come to America? You may be prepared after years of preparation, to speak English well. But you may want to be prepared with an understanding of the culture. I am an American that has visited almost every region of the United States and I am an artist that enjoys the intricacies of culture. I can tell you specific interests of the people of every area you may be planning to visit. What do you not know that you should before visiting? What should you say to an American; what should you never say to an American (and why not)? Have an American answer anything you would want to ask about America. This will likely not take up all ten classes. Please feel free to use the other classes brushing up on your English or learning about Idioms. Idioms can be fun and tricky. Also, if you prefer, you may share any extra classes with family members. I am an ESL teacher TEFL certified. I have worked with children and adults through years of teaching various subjects with an emphasis in Western Art.你考虑一个访问美国的机会吗?你或你认识的人来美国的计划吗?你可以准备,经过多年的准备,英语说得很好。但是你可能要与文化的了解准备。我已经访问了美国几乎每一个地区的美国,和我是一个艺术家,享受文化的复杂性。我可以告诉你,每一个区域的人,你可以计划访问的具体利益。你不知道你应该到访前吗?你应该说,美国人应该怎么从来不说一个美国人(为什么不)?有一个美国的回答任何你想询问有关美国。这可能会不占用所有10个类别。请随意使用其他类刷牙,你的英语或有关成语的学习。成语可以很有趣和棘手。此外,如果你愿意,你可以与家人分享任何额外的类。我ESL教师证照认证。我曾与儿童和成年人通过多年的教学与西方艺术为重点的各种科目。