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Idioms 101 and slang For all my "Dogs" ya hear?

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  • Language taught: English
  • Course type: WK615
  • Sessions taught: 0

Individual Sessions
  •  30 minute trial session - 10 ITC  
  • 60 minute session - 160 ITC
Session Packages
  • 10 x 60 minutes - 1400 ITC


We Americans, like any culture, combine our words into new phrases that hold new meanings. If you were not raised in a culture, you do not fully understand the slang or idioms of a region. Did you ever listen to a group of English speakers - thinking that you know the language - yet you do not know what is happening within the conversation? It may be idioms blocking your comprehension. In my opinion, Idioms are fun to learn, fun to use, and important to fitting in with a culture. Here is a quick test to see if this would be of use to you. What’s up? You are a stones throw from get’n a handle on a whole ‘nother level of Jive talk I’m spread’n. I’ll cut through the red tape and so you can catch a drift about what’s happin’n. I am on the level here, ya’ll. I would not pull your leg. I would not dream of it. K? You might think that I’m a card. But I ain’t a Joke. You can brush up on slang yo, and get a clue. That you can bet on, hear? Then you will know what is going down - see? Hear what I’m getting at? You can count it. Some of that, I hope, makes sense. If all of it is clear, this class is not for you. This is for people that can speak English, but need help understanding some of the idioms that come up in every day conversations with native speakers. Of course the class is taught by a native English speaker from America, Jesse English. If you want to pass on your classes at any point, to any family member who is learning English, you may. I have taught all ages various types of classes. I am an ESL trained teacher with a TEFL license. This will be a “blast and a half, Dog.”美国人一样,任何一种文化,融入举行新词新的含义,他们的话。如果你不居住在何处使用,你会怎么知道他们的意思,或当适当地使用它们呢?你有没有听一个讲英语组 - 以为你知道的语言 - 但你不知道在谈话发生了什么?它可能会阻塞你的理解的成语。在我看来,成语学习乐趣,有趣的使用,和重要的文化拟合。这里是一个快速的测试,看看这样做是否使用过你。这是怎么回事?你是一石从get'na扔上处理整个诺特尔Jive的谈话,我spread'n水平。我穿过的繁文缛节,这样你就可以赶上什么是happin'n漂移。我在这里的水平,02:38.04。我不会拉你的腿。我做梦也不会想到它。 K吗?你可能会认为我是一个卡。但我不是一个玩笑。最多可以刷上俚语哟,并得到一个线索。你可以赌。然后你会知道是怎么回事 - 见?听到我要在什么呢?你可以指望它。一些,我希望是有道理的。如果这一切是明确的,这个类是不适合你。这是人能讲英语,但需要帮助的理解,在每天的交谈来与母语的一些成语。当然类是本地英语的人来自美国,杰西英语授课。这将是一个“爆炸和半,狗。” 如果你想通过你的类,在任何时候,任何家庭成员学习英语,您可能。我教不分年龄人人共享的各类类。我是一个受过训练的教师与英语教学执照的ESL。