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Ιδιαίτερο Μάθημα : Let's Get confident in Spanish Speaking, reading and writing

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  • Language taught: Spanish
  • Course type: WK615
  • Sessions taught: 0

Individual Sessions
  •  30 minute trial session - 80 ITC  
  • 60 minute session - 150 ITC
Session Packages
  • 5 x 60 minutes - 600 ITC


After assessing current student Spanish language speaking level, and having identified purpose of students' learning Spanish (i.e. for work, studies, hobby, get a certificdate), then emphasize toward a customized student profile (e.g. more speaking, vs Grammar, vs Vocabulary).

The course comprises of a variety of activities and exercises, which include talking in Spanish video programs, practicing pronunciation and grammar, and interacting in Spanish with the teacher. The class is conducted in Spanish as much as possible, but English or Greek is used where necessary for clarity and efficiency. This course deals with all basic language skills: aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. This class assumes no previous knowledge of Spanish.

Exams Preparation for all DELE levels.