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English conversation lesson

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  • Language taught: English
  • Course type: Other
  • Sessions taught: 168

Individual Sessions
  •  30 minute trial session - 20 ITC  
  • 30 minute session - 130 ITC
  • 45 minute session - 170 ITC
  • 60 minute session - 199 ITC
Session Packages
  • 5 x 30 minutes - 600 ITC
  • 5 x 45 minutes - 840 ITC
  • 5 x 60 minutes - 990 ITC


Speaking English is sometimes intimidating, especially when you are speaking to native English speakers. Everyone will be impressed with your English, no matter how basic or advanced it is but you may still feel that you need your confidence building up. Let me encourage you and help you with difficulties that you may have and let me guide you on how to on how to overcome them. I will also type out everything we say during the lesson so you have a transcript of your lesson. This lesson covers the following areas: General conversation, New vocabulary and word definitions, Idioms, Reading practice, Vocabulary check (of reading material), Comprehension check (of reading material), Vocabulary building. I have over 300 different, free and interesting worksheets, one of which that will be provided when you book a lesson so you can prepare before the lesson time.
Please click on the link below to access an example worksheet: