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  • Language taught: English
  • Course type: WK615
  • Sessions taught: 0

Individual Sessions
  •  30 minute trial session - 50 ITC  
  • 45 minute session - 200 ITC
  • 60 minute session - 250 ITC
Session Packages
  • 20 x 45 minutes - 3750 ITC
  • 10 x 60 minutes - 2250 ITC


AN IMMERSION PROGRAM FOR ADULTS that helps beginner to upper intermediate students with all aspects of the English language through a variety of source material including; textbooks, websites, songs, videos, supplementary worksheets, etc.
Students, as adults, often have many responsibilities and demands upon them; thus, will be given assignments according to the amount of time they are able to devote to studying between lessons.
This is a holistic approach, including all skill areas, but more focus may be put on the elements most in need of improvement by the individual student.
Students are expected to participate in their learning by providing honest feedback regarding lessons, contributing ideas, making requests, and asking questions if they do not understand due to technical issues with sound quality, the speed at which a lesson is begin given, or the difficulty of the topic, etc...