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German, absolute beginners (taught in english)

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  • Language taught: German
  • Course type: Other
  • Sessions taught: 2

Individual Sessions
  • 60 minute session - 350 ITC


This professional course is designed for absolute beginners in german language. I designed this course together with a co-teacher by paying attention to the special needs of online language teachings. I guarantee, that you will use and speak german, starting from the first minutes of each lesson until the end of each tuition.

We will work together, using a special and story based teaching material. Each lesson can be repeated if you feel that you would like to redo the lesson once again. The course itself is operated by two teachers at the same time, plus the student (you). An instructor (one of the two teachers) will guide you through each lessens and a native speaker will take care of your pronunciation.

You did not need to learn vocabulary byself, nor struggle with grammar or do pre- or after works for the lesson. You will learn everything what you need during each tuition.

If you are interested in this course, you must ask about the available teaching times before you try to book it. Course bookings must be placed at minimum one week ahead of the tuition time. Please contact me for more details in a preliminary meeting.

The course can be hold in thai native or english as the teaching language, this mean, you are instructed in thai native or english to learn german.

So, if you really interested in learning german, going the comfortable and easy way, this is the professional solution for you. I guarantee for our professional work and your satisfaction.

This course is designed to learn colloquial german, mastering everyday situations. It is not focusing on reading, nor on writing german language.