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Elementary Chinese I

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  • Language taught: Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Course type: WK615
  • Sessions taught: 12

Individual Sessions
  •  30 minute trial session - 40 ITC  
  • 60 minute session - 80 ITC


你好! I am a professional Chinese teacher currently teaching at college level in America. I will use Integrated Chinese as the textbook for the lessons I offered on italki. The materials will be available online for you to preview and review. Each lesson will take 60 minutes and I will introduce vocabulary, grammar, model conversation, and practice using the newly introduced words or sentences in speaking and writing with you. Listening and reading will be integrated as we read the text and do exercise together. Below is a list of the lessons:

Lesson 1 Greetings
Lesson 2 Family
Lesson 3 Dates and Time
Lesson 4 Hobbies
Lesson 5 Visiting Friends
Lesson 6 Making Appointments
Lesson 7 Studying Chinese
Lesson 8 School Life
Lesson 9 Shopping
Lesson 10 Talking about the Weather
Lesson 11 Transportation
Lesson 12 Dining
Lesson 13 At the Library
Lesson 14 Asking Directions
Lesson 15 Birthday Party
Lesson 16 Seeing a Doctor
Lesson 17 Dating
Lesson 18 Renting an Apartment
Lesson 19 Post Office
Lesson 20 Sports
Lesson 21 Travel
Lesson 22 Hometown
Lesson 23 At the Airport

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