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Interview and Presentation Skills, CV/Resume proofreading

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  • Language taught: English
  • Course type: Other
  • Sessions taught: 28

Individual Sessions
  •  30 minute trial session - 50 ITC  
  • 45 minute session - 90 ITC
  • 60 minute session - 120 ITC
Session Packages
  • 10 x 45 minutes - 850 ITC
  • 10 x 60 minutes - 1100 ITC



Need to prepare for an upcoming interview or a presentation in English? Let's have a look at your documents and practice speaking, responding, understanding and quick thinking! There are a lot of mistakes that even native speakers make, and as an experienced interviewer and public speaker, I can help you to correct all of them.

Interviews and presentations can be stressful, even in our native language! It helps to go in prepared, knowing what will be asked and how to answer. We'll work on speaking with confidence and practice every possible scenario you could run into.

Grammar, specialized vocabulary, tone, natural speech will be covered.

Please note: I am also happy to proofread your CV or resume, but this will cost extra and will happen outside of the lesson.

Please message me to discuss your goals.

Each 45 minute class lasts 40 minutes.
Each 60 minute class lasts 55 minutes.