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Learning Tagalog

Hi everybody, Nice to learn that Italki is giving wide range of free service, where world becomes very small. I m thankful you guys that you are eager to teach Tagalog. I m very much interested in learning Tagalog as our Master was from Manila. Hope you will guide me learning Tagalog




one best source of tagalog words is the tagalog biblia 1905.from that book anyone will encounter tagalog words with clear meaning ,usage and forms. Do you wan to learn tagalog?=nais mo bang matutu ng tagalog?   /yes i do= gusto ko nga!   . you are very mush interested to learn tagalog for your master was from manila= nagnasa kang matuto ng Tagalog dahil ang iyong guro/pinuno ay nagmula pa sa Maynila.i am mataripis enjoy learning tagalog!

here are common phrases; 1.) how much=magkano   2.) where will you go? =saan ang punta mo?   3.) speak clearly=magsalita ka nang malinaw      4.) delicious food=masarap na pagkain! 5.) good morning=magandang umaga!   6,) really=talaga!   7.) what is the right mantra for this? = anong wastong bulong para dito?

Hi Kyler and Mataripis...

I need some of simple daily conversation in Tagalog. Let say in morning, i met my friend and i ask afew questions like this:

1. Good morning. How are you today?
2. Do you take your breakfast?
3. If not, come and join me.
4. What type of food do you like for your breakfast?
5. Do you like to have coffee or tea?

Something that you guys use in your daily conversation. I am not really care about the grammar because as for us here in Malaysia, we use simple and sometimes not a proper way of grammar. It is just a casual way of conversation.

If it is fine with you guys to teach us like that. I want to learn simple and basic. Hope you can help me.



Maraming salamat sayo Mataripis!

 1. good morning how are you today?
   = magandang umaga,kumusta ang araw mo ngayon

                       magandang umaga- good morning
                        kumusta-how are you

2. do you take your breakfast?
     = ikaw ba ay nag-almusal na?

                         do you-ikaw ba

3.  if not, come and join me.
    = kung hindi,halika at samahan ako.


4. what type of food do you like for your breakfast?
    = anong klaseng menudo ang gusto mo para sa iyong almusal.


5. do you like to have coffee or tea?
     = gusto mo ba magkape o tsaa.


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