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a few translations...

Hello everyone, I am Niel. I need a some translations on these words into dutch please: WHO, WHEN, WHY, HOW, WHAT, HOW MANY, EVERYTHING, WHERE, BECAUSE, ME, YOU, THEM, THEY, HE, SHE AND THERE. Hope it's no too much. Thanks in advance.




WHO - wie
WHEN - wanneer
WHY - waarom
HOW - hoe
WHAT - wat
HOW MANY - hoeveel
WHERE - waar
BECAUSE - omdat
ME - mij (I - ik)
YOU- jij (YOU GO - jij gaat, I SEE YOU - ik zie jou, short form: je)
THEM - hen
THEY - zij
HE - hij
SHE - zij (yes, that's the same as THEY)
AND - en
THERE - daar

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