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Introduce yourself

namaste dosto( friends) ,
please  give a short inroduction abt urself  and let everyonre know y u r here...



namaste!!! haha!!I  just  know  this  word in  hindi ,a  indian friend  teach  me !! and "jia  ho"
I  am  a  chinese !! my  name is  cappucci!! Thank  you for  your  invitation

do u know wat "jai ho" means??

swagat; mera naam Rima hai
lol, I hope that I've said it well
any way thanks for the invitation. Allah hafiz

Namaste... Main Tasha Hu.  I am here for help in learning Hindi. Dhanyevaad

Namaste! Mera naam Erin hai.

What does "jia ho" mean? I am very curious :) means, " you are 'jia'" 

Main nahin jaanti hun!

I still do not know what "jia" means :P

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