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useful phrases and words

hello--- Giá su (informal, saying hello to one person).  "Γειά σου"
        --- Giá sas (formal or saying hello to many persons). "Γειά σας"

goodmorning--- kaliméra. "Καλημέρα"
goodevening--- kalispéra. "Καλησπέρα"
goodnight--- kalinihta. "Καληνύχτα"

My name is...  --- To ónoma mu íne... . "Το όνομά μου είναι..."

How are you?(informal, or speaking to one person) --- Pós íse? "Πώς είσαι;"
                          (formal , or speaking to more than one people)--- Pós íste? "Πώς είστε;"



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