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who wants to learn Polish?;)

Hi, named Peter aka Piotr ;) I'm native Polish speaker. If somebody wants to learn Polish, let me know. Maybe I'll be able to help you out ;)



i´d like to learn mate, but i just have time at night....
seee u

hi! i'd like to learn polish!! if u have a time i'll be glad to contact with u! 

 hi iam who wanna learn how can you help me ...plz let me know .... thank you for caring :D

I want . contACT ME~~

I would like to learn Polish too plz^^

Hi there Piotr,jak sie masz?
i´ve been to poland once and it´s very ebautiful,however i had much difficulty in speaking hehe
would be nice if you help me out

do widzenia!

Hi Piotr! Nice to see you here ;-) I will keep my fingers cross for all of you guys! POLISH is not difficult, do not worry! You just should be patient ;-)

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