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Chávez Book

what do you think about Chavez book given to obama?!



There is a deep meaning. Chavéz implies that STOP EXPLOITING US and gather yourself together.

Hello. Actually I have no opinion about it. I try to use my time on italki to learn about languages and culture. Politics is not
something I generally discuss.


Hi, I have no opinion, no idea, I hope there will be other topics about life in general, but not political, thank you for  us to participate.

we  have  no  space  in battle   between  the  political  lords. obama   and  chavaze  has  their  own  objects .  politics is  the mouse  and   cat  game.  some    times   mouse  will succeed  as  vice versa.   if   we   have   any  role  in  mouse  and   cat   game?   capitalism  and   communism is  same     as  mouse   and  cat  game.  both  the  ideologies  are  not   fully  perfect.    aswell as  nothing  is   perfect in  this    world.  so   we   can  watch   it  as   a  cartoon  video and we   can laugh   and  cry   as  per  the  sequence.

Hi.Actually i think so topics here should don't speaking.

Chavez is everytime against capitalist system and also so continued.i think too many people of in the world draw from Bush .(about'war')
during life politic war have continued. i hope all the people will live in the peace...

vraiment je ne sais pas exactment cet objet. but u can inform me more about this book as i am not intersted in politics now adays,anyway thank u for sharing this link with me and sorry for not giving my openion in this topic. but i'll be so glad as i told before if u informe me more about Chavez book.

ok tunisian's friend .In summary;
subject of this book : Kolomb is finded American mainland in 1492 year and  meanwhile in this mainland indian lived .After finding american mainland Americans are coming to this mainland quickly and American imperialist powers are generalize on the mainland after generalizing americans imperialist powers are cast downing to indian's civilization also indian's civilazation are suffer cureltying by americans

i hope ,you can understood my english . . .

i don't have any idea , i'm not interested about it 

oh my friend, Thanks your sharing fact i have no interest in politics,i cant give my opinion,can we talk about other topic

Chavez inspite of his terrible political mistakes but at the same time he is skillfull in measuring the new attitudes of Obama administration  , THe given book  is a simple of pulse measuring of new white house comer . Is USA is gong to take new direction or  will stay at the Bush drawn course so the faces change but the people stay

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