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Russian movies with English subtitles


72 Metres (English subtitles). Part 1 of 12.

The film begins in the 1980s Soviet Union. Two best friends, Orlov and Muravyev, are serving at the Black Sea Navy Base in Sevastopol, Crimea. Both fall in love with one beautiful girl Nelly, and their friendship suffers a first blow. Because she picks Muravyev, his friend Orlov struggles with an inferiority complex and becomes a secretive alcoholic.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, both friends are transfered to the Nothern Fleet on the Polar Ocean. One day their sub is performing a routine training. A disturbed WWII mine slowly moves on a collision course with the sub. A mighty blast knocks down everyone inside the wrecked sub, 72 meters below the sea level. Then ensues a nerve-racking struggle for survival.    Part1   Part2    Part3   Part4   Part5   Part6   Part7   Part8  Part9     Part10  Part11  Part12



 thank u very much for all what ... maby this days i'm very busy ..
Realy i want to speak with u voice i need to know some things ..
Plz can i join u for some time  tell me when ?? plz


 Assalamu aleykum!  I, too, are often busy. Better if you write me a message. I hope to find free time for dialogue.


I found it especially for you, my friend Fekry!
It is a pity there are no subtitles. But I found the novel "Drama at the Hunt" by A. Chekhov.
The film was created for this story.    1/11 2/11

The remaining parts, I hope you will find yourself.

Here is the novel "Drama at the Hunt" by A. Chekhov:Антон_Чехов/Драма_на_охоте/1

svp youtube not found in my country

thank u zoya thats good job what u did really coolzzz


  Excellent!   I was looking specifically for you, and found for all of us!   Hurray!
 In my opinion here you can download a lot of good Russian films with English subtitles! 
Hurray!   And I see the movie "Admiral"

thaaaaaaaaanks alot


 Dr.R !!!! Kiss for you!!! 


72 Metres
متر 72
الامتار الاثنان والسبعون
فلم روسي بترجمة انجليزية
يبدا الفلم من 1980 باتحاد السوفياتي
اثنان من أفضل الاصدقاء
يحعملون في القاعدة البحرية في منطقة البحر الأسود في سيفاستوبول
وقعا كلاهما في حب نفس الفتاة وهي جميلة
فكانت اول صدمة لصداقتهما
...شكرا لك اختي

merci ma jolie

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