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turkish icecream

my turkish friend introduced me turkish icecream,although i cant buy it in shanghai,i just watch some videos in youtube,that let me feel matter how to take it ,up down right left and shake,that never drop it. hope one day turkish can run that in shanghai ,i must buy one it for me.



Hahaha :) great man ;-) joker.. :):)
no..this is not a joke..this is real,turkish ice-creams( DONDURMA ) are so :))

yes the name is (maras dondurma  )cok guzel SUPER

marash dondurma, marash I think one of Turkish governorate . really amazing

hahaha yeppp Maraş Dondurması...Its really amazing for foreign people :)

ohh my bf told me about this ice cream couple of days ago.. i tought its some joke :D but nahh i wanna taste it soo much :PPP so funny ..

i ate it when i was in istanbul , it is verry good and delicieu

its amazing~~~

If you can catch, you'll get the ice-cream 

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