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which Turkish foods and drink do you like?



I like lahmajun, baklava, ayran.

I also like these.But I also like Börek and Dolma.:)

Yogurtıl yemegi!! I forgot the name of the dish I had several weeks ago at a restaurant in my city...

Oh, gorgeous hp! I was thinking about making Turkish pudding^^ I will tell you how it went when I did.

İskender kebap in Bursa! what a great taste mnaimmmm... :) Etliekmek in Konya ;)..sweet Baklava... eh..
Baklava is a must! kemal pasa..kadayif..
yogurtlu kebab...turkish  kebab....

bende iskender kebab cok sevimdim ve yogurt :)
in fact all turkish foods is super :)
Bende patlıcan ve cacik ve helva severim.

okay, maybe i drink too much, but i love raki!!!!

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