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can somebody translate this for me??

yaw Türklerin köküne kıran mı girdi be adam?  bulalım sana helal süt emmiş :D:D  ha tabi adı Aninditiaia (her neyse) olmaz da Ayşegül falan olur :D:D im curious what this phrase suppose to mean.. so i will thank so much for the person who can translate this for me..



hey these are turkish idioms and can not be translated into any language without mistake but their meanings i think like this: yaw=hey türklere kıran mı girdi=isn't there any turk eh? biz sana helal süt emmiş bir kız buluruz=we can find you a girl who sucked canonically milk ha bu arada adı ANINDITIATİA (her neyse)olmaz da AYŞEGÜL falan olur=and by the way her name can not be ANİNDİTİAİA (what is that never mind) but it may AYSEGÜL :D that's all.where did u hear this?? lol :) byy.

i dont really understand what this means.. is it like mocking or what?? i read this in my friends facebook.. and im curious bout the meaning.. its a long

anyone can translate this?? olm ben ne bileyim yaa . ben bu nasil yapiliyor onu bile bilmiyorum . hatun kendisi degistirmis heralde , neyse sut meselesine sonra geliriz. buradaki mandiralarda sutler guzel deil bildigin gibi :)

Its very horrible storyy or text...I think dont learn it :D its nothingg never mind ;)

ur guy speaks a little rude, be careful about us :D ( turkish boys:P )

he said: (Turks dont have? we find a turk, but her name is not be  Aninditiaia maybe her name can be Aysegül)  ......thats it... i hope u can understand it ;)

i agree that friend. you really will not want to know meaning.. but if you think it s serious and has a meaning for you.. i can translate this for you.

yeah me too :))

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