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Do you know any Thai words/phrases/sectences ?

The most well known greeting is Sa Wad Dee (สวัสดี). What else is popular among foreigners ?



I known a word "I love you", PHOM RAK KHUN jring jring na ja....

just words not know phrases or conversational thai

my foreigner friends usually  say.......sabaai dee mai krap ^^ (how are you?)
kop kun ka (thanks)  uumm  and.........hiu (หิว = hungry)..^___^!!

@: Green Desert: Sabaai Dee is Lao 

Greeting in thai for a guy: Sa wa dee kap (kap is masculine)
Greeting in thai for a guy: Sa wa dee ka  (ka is feminine)
"sabaai dee" in lao means "hello"
not exactly like thai language, i think

"sabaai dee mai krub/ka ?" is a question means "how r u?"
n if we answer "sabaai dee krub/ka"
it means "i'm fine" or smth like that :)

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