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Give me some good reason why do you want to learn Thai ?

Khob khun ka ขอบคุณค่ะ Thanks



During my vacation in Thailand I felt sincerely welcomed by the Thai people. Smiling and helpful people - even after the Tsunami hit... something you do not get to see anywhere else. Since then I have been fascinated by the Thai culture that at the same time is very different and yet seem so natural to me. Although I will probably never become good at it, I have been trying on and off to learn a little bit. It would be wonderful to be able to read on my own... it would be like a new world opening.

Good to know that you have a good memory with Thailand and Thai people. Thailand used to be called as The land of Smile or สยามเมืองยิ้ม (Siam-Mueng-Yim) for a long time. Yet it has been forgotten sometimes nowadays, smile is always in Thai people's gut.
Actually, language is a door which open people to communicate to other people who uses another language. I love Thai people that why I wanna learn Thai....
I visited thailand for the first time in May, and enjoyed my time and the culture so much that I wish to return in the near future. I would like to be able to speak some basic thai so I can communicate with the local thai people in their local tongue

I am american living here in Thailand. My plans are to live here always. Thai land is my home and I love living here.

I heard a Thai song before and I like that very much. Except my mother tongue, I think Thai is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It is like singing when you say that. And also I like Muay Thai very much and I want to learn more about this country. Emm....Thai people are warm-hearted. They help me a lot when I learn Thai. Thanks!

hello , jusmin ^^
you like listening Thai song! ^^  glad to hear that ! (+^_____^+)
i read  your like  country music ^^
which song do you like?
i also like music.......i listen some chinese songs  and i like  it ^^
really wanna hear you sing Thai songs.. ...hahaha  

I also heard some Chinese who listen to Thai song said it's similar to the Cantonese song. How do you think?

take me home, country road is one of my favourate. Emm.....others such as Red River Vally, You Are My Sunshine. I also like some soft songs.

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