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Please write down topics coming to your mind^^

Since topic plays an important role in group chat, I suggest that whenever a topic come to your mind, you can write it down here, then we can select one in which all of us interested as our chat topic.

Several simply topics coming to my mind now are (all topics are expected to be discussed by using examples in your own experience):
1. How do u  get along with persons who are not easy-going?
2. What's the meaning of happiness in your mind?
3. Do u like travel? If you do, which place is your favorite; if not, why?
  ...........To be continued^^
I think in the process of talking about topics like these, we can share our experience and learn not only English but also hows and whys in our daily life.

Do not hesitate to post your idea here ^ ^



Thank you May for all these ideas. Personally I enjoy reading articles covering a wide range of topics. They could provide an interesting basis for discussions. However I think we shouldn't forget that the original idea from you - and Neal suggested the same thing - was to read books and discuss about them.   


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