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[EGD] You are the leading role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Dear all,
As ive saied on this topic, everybody will be the leading role in English Group Discussion (EGD). We need
each other commonly to perfectly construct our group, which will be very special. Everyone in EGD will have
the responsibility towork well on and devote your time on our team.Thanks everything done for us!
Our teammates come from different place and have different talents, which will make our team so special,
so unique. As May mentioned that if we have any ideas, want to share with us, please don't hesitate to post
them out and let  usenjoy them together. You know, that's our happy hours. and our life need that.
We dedicate to help polishing our English each other. Therefore, everyone here are the same to do whatever
you want aside from some illegal, crude, abnormal issues. heheheeeee. You can post whatever you feel it's
nice here and try to tell us the detail in the MSN group or SKYPE group.
Thanks again for May and other mates and the coming mates. We are here, all the time! Yeah
                                                                                                                                                                        EGD family 



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