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is Arabic that important to be learnd

many people are willing to learn Arabic

but the questions is
why is it important to learn??
if not that important than why to learn??




i wanna learn it , just coz i have Arabic friends. and i find that Arabic language is very beautiful shape and it sounds like a song.

On learning Arabic, it is important that people learn, a lot of time out of their favorite work or more likely because of other needs, and that it is not important and learning, may be due to personal favorite. Right?

I think these two responses do not justify the importance of Arabic
there must be some solid arguments to show the real importance of this language..



i don't know why is important. but i want to learn it. because i like all of language .

i would like to learn arabic because i think it's very interesting, different from other  languages. and also helpful! we do business with people from arabic countries,so when i can learn it well and communicate with them in arabic,they would feel very happy! :)

languages are not more or less important. they just give us an opportunity to get smth more easily: respect and self-respect, job, money,family, love, new cultural level,tickets =) even food is easier to get. Knowing of different languages ang cultures give us the whole world-just take this present, gift.
As for me-it's really wonderful in writing =)

just want to learn before i travel

i don't  think so

dear Yuki

can you please share with us the reasons

why you dont think so


good answer hehehe

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