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Learn Arabic from scratch :D

Hey peopel, i'm Mahmoud from Egypt and i would like to share with u my knowledge of Arabic
as a native speaker of the language; maybe it would help u someway :)
ok, let's start:

first of all, u have to know some basic informations about Arabic language.
Arabic, is a language spoken in more than 22 countries all are in the middle east
but, Muslims all over the world can understand it, coz it is the language of the Qur'an (Muslim Holy book)
so, basically we are dealing with a language spoken and understanded by almost 1billion peoples around the world.
althoug there are a lot of different dialects emerged between Arabs that they are not using the classical form of the language anymore, they can understand,read and write in Calssical Arabic when they need.

as i wanted it to be more easy for u today, i'll not start with alphapets at all; i'll start with some basic expressions that can help u in understanding how it looks like to speak Arabic.

                              Arabic phrase ::::   translation in English  :::: pronunciation in English:::
                                 صباح الخير                        Good Morning                         sabah El Kheir
                                      شكرا                                 thank you                               shokran
                                مساء الخير                           Good evening                         masaa El Kheir
                               اسمى محمود               my name is Mahmoud                  esmee Mahmoud
                               أنا أتعلم العربية                  i learn Arabic                       ana ataalam Al Arabiya

so, it is all what i can write now, hope u enjoy it, and don't forget to tell me ur opinion.



 شكرا                                 thank you                               shokran


  شكرا   أنا أتعلم العربية 

Hi, AreeB, this 's very hard to learn, i think

thank you Aree B

Thank you !

could u tell me about arabic language  اللغة العامية

shukran, AreeB


Thank you. but i want to know . i like you  & l love you. use Arabic language how to say & writing. 

Thank you very much.

I hope to hear from you soon.


nice work
keep it up

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