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Canadian requiring help... Please :)

Salam Alakyum,

I am looking to learn the arabic language preferably dialect from Lebanon, Syria areas... I have a good base but need much help.
I am Canadian, my native language is English
If anyone is will to chat in order to help I would greatly appreciate it!





wellcom melissa.if u need my help

I will be glad to help you =) 

i am an Arabic teacher
i will helo you free but and you can teach me english please
add me on skype azoozalazmi1


I teach Arabic Language through a Virtual Classroom. All my students follow a cirrculum that mirrors that of an a standard Arabic Course conducting in schools or university. My method allows students to achieve Arabic fluency quickly and efficiently. You will obtain a full understand of the Arabic language that will enable to not only read, write and speak Arabic but also to pick up any and all Arabic dialects with ease. If you're interested please contact me at

I also welcome you to Subscribe to my NEW Youtube Channel with Arabic Learning videos.

Arabic Weather Words:

my skype is bekoman4  add me any time

i guess i can help, here is my fb plz contact me anytime, im a teacher i teach arabic and several subjects.FB..   mohamed boukhrisse

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