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Looking for some websites to download traditional Chinese fonts

I've found some websites for simplified Chinese fonts -- but some of these font packs are missing traditional fonts.
我找到了一些 网站 可以下载 简体中文的字体 -- 但是 很多字体 没有繁体字。  你们有没有推荐可以给我?  不知道 应该去哪里?



I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but I use NJStar for wordprocessing in Chinese (pinyin, simplified, & traditional).  Its free to download and use forever you can ignore the warnings that you have to pay after the trial period.  Korean & Japanese are also available.

If you have Windows PC, when you install the East Asian language pack, it should include traditional Chinese as well, or at least you can select that as an option.

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