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what do u know about the islamic history .do u havr read any  book about islamic can share the book name and writer with me 



I am very glad to join your group

thank you arreb .you see what is gooing on in our country .i am reading s booooooook 

and this book is marvellous this book is about the agencies working in asia and if you read the book you will see the world and this era and all that is happening a through a new vision and thinking.this all is preplanning through hundreds of years ago all this happening if you want to read the book i  can tell you the name  

Salam Sister,
                       Really I want to read this book soon and please tell me from where I can busy this book and very very thank you sister for inform me

thanks areeb the name of the book is THEGREAT GAME and the name of the author is PETER HOPKIRK. this is about the secret service in high asia.and i think you can buy this book from any good shop may be from mister book or saeed books 

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