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Arabic proverbs and sayings

 Proverbs - is the wisdom of people. The more proverbs you know, the more you know about the country and their inhabitants. Thats why  i opened this topic. Lets share sayings from our collections. 
You are welcome to put it here. We all are waiting for new ones.
And, please, if you have noticed mistakes in arabic version - fell free to correct them :)



حِلْم القُطَط كُلُّه فِرَان
Hilm il-uTaT kullu firaan
“To have a one track mind” (literally, "The dream of cats is all mice")

عَدَم الجَوَاب جَوَاب
3adam ig-gawaab gawaab
“Silence speaks volumes” (literally, "No answer is an answer")


أَكْل العِنَب حَبَّة حَبَّة
Akl il-3inab Habba Habba
“One step at a time” (literally, "Grapes are eaten one by one")

Guys! Be active, post something! :)

Ele beto men ezaz may7adefsh el nas bel tob
اللى بيته من ازاز ما يحدفش الناس بالطوب
Who has home, made of glass, should not through stones to others

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