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Your questions/Сұрақтарыңыз

Please ask any questions on Kazakstan and Kazak language!



Can you tell some basics!? Like "hello, thanks..." ? ^_^

Hello - Salem!
Thanks - Rakhmet!
My name is ... - Mening atim ...

I                                      -             Men
You                                -             Sen
You (honorific)             -             Siz
He/She                         -              Ol

We                                 -             Biz
You (plural)                  -             Sender
You (honorific, plural) -            Sizder  
They                               -            Olar


Welcome! -Kosh keldiniz !

How are you? -Kaliniz kalai?
Where are you from? -Kay jaktan bolasiz?
How old are you?- Jasiniz neshede?

Not at all ~- Okasi jok! or  Marhabat!
What is your name?-  Sizding atiniz kim? or Atiniz kalay?

Can you write it  in kazakh language?  I  think what  you wrote is the  pronunciation of  your  language. I  want  to  study  kazakh language.  PAXMET!

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