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If you have a choice to go to Hawaii or China which one would you choose?





mm :) its so difficult to decide. I think it depends on people who would travel with me :) if it would be my friends - i think we choose China. If i would plan romantic travel - sure, only Hawaii :))

China... a lot more to see than in Hawaii... more interesting history, architecture, culture...

Hawaii is ok for beach holiday and scupa diving... but the culture part is bit bleeh... yeah there's parts of native culture kep alive (for tourists' joy?)

China :D It's so beautiful and has a interesting history =D

Hawaii,because I never go there

Hawaii,because  i  am  a  chinese

Me too.

Hawaii, because I came from China and never go to Hawaii before

both of them,because Hawaii i've never been there,and China i've never travelled it all.

Hawaii,because I am from China.haha

I have never been to hawaii before but there is a beautiful place my friend said to me.....he was born in hawaii and enjoy this place very much,but food and other useful things in the daily life are all expensive as it is a island,they are all need to be imported from the outside.
so hawaii is best choice for vacation or honeymoon but not for living

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