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Teacher Tips 20090617


italki Teacher Tips 20090617
1) Students who first attend a free trial session spend on average more than DOUBLE what students who do not use free trials spend.  Offer free trials as an option and make sure you attend these sessions, especially if you have a higher than average price.  Although there are students who are only using the free trials to get free lessons, the majority of free trail users are trying out which teacher they like the best before they pay for lessons.
2) Introduce yourself in the new italki Official Language Groups in "Teachers and Schools" for the language you teach.  These groups will always show up on top whenever a member clicks on Groups and new students will go to this section all the time.  This is your place to advertise and market yourself.
Get Introduced to More Students (Corrected)
italki has been taking action to help students find teachers.  Many students have purchased italki credits, but have not yet found a suitable teacher.  Other students have requested paid sessions from teachers who then completely failed to respond.  italki sends messages to both of these types of students recommending other teachers.
If you are interested in being recommended to these students, please send an email to



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