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Popular meal!

what is the most popular meal  in your country?



in my country are the pupusas...i don`t know how describe this,but are so delicious!!
The most popular Ukrainian traditional meal is borscht:)

variety is the spice of life and every country has its own tradition . In Iraq there is highly prestigeous selection of food quality , We have Mascoof  ( roast fish ) , Dolma Turkish Iraqi  meal , Kuba , Rice and Okra stew , Kebab and Paja
The most popular meal in my country is mansaf , it is a traditional dish ,made of lamb cooked in a sauce of fermented dried yogurt and served with rice.

In Chile, the most popular is "empanada", a sort of void dough filled with meat mix, seafood or cheese. it can be baked or fried. available on every bakery, all the year.
Other tradicional meals for lunch are "cazuela", "pastel de choclo" and "curanto".
For tea time, popular snacks are "sopaipillas", "picarones", "empanaditas de queso"

Are too many!
But  The Spanish omelete (tortilla de Patata) and Serrano Ham (cured Ham) (Jamón Serrano) are very popular.

I love Spanish meat dishes!

Look forward to eat so many delicious foods!

China is a large coutry, we have different traditional food in every different province.

There are more than thirty provinces in China.So it is hard to say within few words.

Beijing Roast Duck is very famous.And Si'chuan dishes is very popular,most of us

like to eat it ,such as "鱼香肉丝" or "Ma Po Tofu"and so on.
I am from Sri Lanka and our popular meals are RICE & CURRY and "KOTTU".

Im from the philippines and most popular meal here is chicken and pork adobo!

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