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Top Russian websites – a successful clone of Facebook. Vkontakte is the most visited site in Russia. It has over 13 million
registered users. has been sweeping Russia by storm. It is a simple tool to find schoolmates. Odnoklassniki is the fourth most visited site and has 18 million registered users. - a collection of funny quotes

uС is a free web hosting with built-in content management system. The modules of uCoz CMS can be used either in combination to build a full-featured website, or separately, e.g. as a blog platform, webforum etc. - the biggest BitTorrent tracker in Russia is Russia’s leading search engine, with additional services including email, news etc. The search engine is optimised for the morphology of Russian language. is Russia’s leading mail portal, which has grown to include many other social networking features.
is another very successful search engine. It offers services such as photo and video sharing, dating and games. It owns Russia’s most popular messenger / VoIP phone system ICQ. is Russia’s leading website of personal blogs, but in reality it combines various online services including web mail, dating and file sharing., the US blogging site, has become a phenomenon in Russia, forming the most lively uncensored information portal. From journalists and government critics to pop singers and comedians, many well known personalities share their views on current events. is Russia’s leading dating website, which claims to have 11 million registered users. is Russian analog of YouTube, and despite rated by Alexa at the place number 36, has shown the highest level of visits amongst the independent video sharing sites with the exception of YouTube itself. is a blogging site, which allows its users to form communities.



замени лучше торрент.сру на - не пали на первом еще и IP иностранцев :)

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