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What is the best way to start learning Japanese?

What if you have close to no knowledge about Japanese at all?



My best advice for you to learn japanese is, to first thing learn hiragana and katakana. these are the alphabet systems for japanese. you van use online sources such as:
(helpful to memorize tricky kana useing stuff like "nu" looks like a noodle.)
(godd for testing yourself)

or a book such as:
(Also helps to memorize kana by using word examples) The book also teaches stroke order (important if you want to learn to write japanese)

Next buy a dictionary and a grammar guide. (In paper not software!) having a paper reference is always best when learning a language.

Finally if you enjoy reading manga, buy a japanese manga.

(Make sure it uses furigana) (furigana is a system that depicts kanji in hiragana, this helps with pronounciation)

The manga I bought was one of the original dragon ball mangas. It uses furigana and is quite interesting.

Also if you really want to learn japanese fast you could get a program such as Rosetta Stone, which is an expensive language learning software. (A free alternative is:

Well good luck learning Japanese!
Hmm...sounds great!

Personally, I find learning to speak first before learn to write or read might be better. But my friend says the BEST WAY is to get yourself a Japanese girlfriend -_-|||

I know nice hiragana (and many other alphabet) test -;prot=3

It really help me.

Ah, sorry for this overquoting! And I can't delete it ;-((

I know nice hiragana (and many other alphabet) test -

i got more interested in japanese after watching variety shows. most of their variety shows are really "out of psych". so it makes you want to understand what they're saying even more.

plus! sometimes they have captions on certain funny sentences. instant test on your reading skills! everyone wins!
sainsbury, your friend has a point, i have one of those... hahaha
Hey thanks for that realkana site.  It is really, really helpful!

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