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What is the best way to start learning Bengali?

What if you have no background in south Asian languages?



It is always better to start learning with a native teacher
That's one way but I've found that the best way is this (and I swear it works): 
Watch tons of Bengali tv shows and movies with english subtitles. loll...i know that none of us have the time...but that's the only way you can immerse yourself in a Bengali "world". THEN go and find a native who will teach you because by that time you will already have some working vocabulary and phrases.

I hope that helps. i know that it helped me learn Hindi and I'm now learning Korean in that way.

and where i can find mouvie in bengali with subtitle?


hi dear, although I am not a teacher maybe I can help u

I can help you


I am teaching Bengali. so contract with me.And  i am a native speaker

hi, i m a native bengali speaker.i can help u.i want to improve my if u help me i help u just send me skype id-shobuj85

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