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Where is Esperanto spoken?

If I want to do an immersion in Esperanto, is there a community or school enviornment that I can go to, to 'live the language'?  Where are the most speakers of Esperanto located?



 Esperanto is spoken around the world.  You can find "Esperantistas"  in any country. I recommend to you enter to  You´ll find information and help to learn it.

Hi Toffler,


I see that you live in the United States so my first suggestion is to contact the Esperanto-association in your own country. Maybe you live in or near a big city which has an own Esperanto-group.


Here is the link:


Esperanto is most popular in Europe (for example Germany or France) and in Brasil and China.


You should first lean the language via and then you have the possibility to use the hospitality - network for Esperanto - speakers called "Pasporta Servo".


Bonan sukseson = good luck!


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Perhaps your best option is to enjoy the Castle of Greisillion in France:


Another way to get a complete Esperanto environment is to take part in a Congress of Esperanto. There thousands of asociations too, the cheapest and easiest: INTERNET Communities.

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