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Vietnamese sentence structure

Is Vietnamese sentence structure and word order similar to Chinese?  I noticed some Vietnamese words sound the same as Chinse words, so I wondered if there are overlaps in other ways as well.  I think knowing Chinese may make learning Vietnamese easier (and viceversa).  Is that an accurate assumption?



VietnamVietnamese is influenced a lot by Chinese since China had ruled Vietnam for 1000 years. Therefore, the language in ancient literature, that was used by Vietnamese upper class, is similar to Chinese. However, it is not at low language level. Vietnamese daily language is just similar to Chinese in some vocabulary, not in sentence structure.

hi, Vietnamese structure is very hard to understand completely. but if you learned and studied it carefully, it can be easier to learn,hi

Hi,我来自中国,现在在越南工作.我想学习越南语,如果有这方面的朋友可以加我的Skype:taoliu.k    一起交流学习,Thanks!

I think Vietnamese structure and word order are not the same with Chinese. If they are the same, just because the word itself is single word. Grammar is different. There is no vocabulary that similar to Chinese but just some sounds, some pronunciations only. Learning Chinese may not make learning Vietnamese easier. But if you knew how to speak Vietnamese you would find that Vietnamese language is very interesting too. Just like French, Vietnamese people as well as its language, its culture are also very romantic and much more... Hope you'll discover it yourself one day... :)

well, if you compare Vietnamese with chinese (mandarin), I say Vietnamese word orders are different (noun + adj). Besides, the setence struture is almost the same and there're many similarity (ex: drink tea 用茶 dùng trà ; or Vietnamese number zero không, origin is 空 which means empty). Vietnamese is closer to classical Chinese, not modern Chinese (mandarin) by the way

Chinese: 我叫 ; Vietnamese: Tôi kêu (là); extra 是
Chinese: 你叫什麼名字 ; Vietnamese: Bạn tên là gì? ( 你的名字是什麼?) 
And here is the inverted part , Vietnamese can also say Tên của bạn gọi là gì (I used gọi  because kêu sounds impolite) 名字的你叫(是)什麼?

Chinese: 什麼名字 ; Vietnamese Tên gì (名字什麼) 

So if you learn Vietnamese and already knew Chinese, you will find out that everything is quite similar to Chinese but inverted 

I do agree with you there is 10% vietnamese word is same with Chinese , but we - vietnamese - call those words as " Old vocabulary" . Most of word right now is morden and wasn't affected by those. For pronounce, they are quite same each other because history, but you can see easily Vietnamese and English are also same about spelling. why I said that? because you can write vietnamese easily by the way you pronounce it ( for my opinion) if you can learn english , you can learn vietnamese. For some case, my friends found that speaking Vietnamese is easier than writing. In real, Grammar is hard not only foreigner but also vietnamese ( so, don't worry about how difficult you meet when you learn Vietnamese grammar ^)^)

No, Vietnamese grammar and Chinese grammar are different. Since I'm Vietnamese and I'm learning Chinese (Mandarin). Some words maybe similar. But usually they have different meaning :)

youre right, some chinese words sounds vietnamese , ex: 政府 (its pinyin is zheng fu), vietnamese will be read: chính phủ....and some chinese grammars rather similar vietnamese, of coz not totally the same but i wil give a simple sentence:  " tôi ăn cơm " (vietnamese) and chinese will be: "我吃饭" , you c ?, their structure is the same, this is just a simple sentence, there are many things to say in grammar,  ;) , enjoy the day~~~~

i am vietnamese.. can i help you??..


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