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What countries would you not like to visit? Why not?





Swine Flu

I would like to visit all countries.  I love to see different scenery and get to know different cultures.  The only places I would not go are those countries where it would be dangerous at the moment such as Iraq and Afghanistan.  I can't think of any other reason not to visit a place if I had the opportunity.   What about you Hisun?

If can, I would like to visit all the countries but the government here does not permitted us to enter Israel for some reasons.

hmmm````i think all the countries r located on the North of the earth~_~ cuz i hate the cold weather>.<

I like beautiful natural scenery, so if i have chance, I want go to Europe, because i heard  there have many good landscapes.

i'd like to visit all the countries , particulary the asiatic  continent and the South America!
At the top are: Chile,Japan and India.



I would like to visit The United Kingdom. I am interested in the culture, lifestyle and nature of this country. Hope, my dream will come true soon!

Also I want to go to Israel, Japan,Sweden. Very strange choice, I know!))

I'd like to travel all over the world :)to see another lives, make friends, know smth new and unusual in each country. 

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