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New professional language instructor in French

Bonjour à tous !

I've recently discovered Italki, and I believe this is a great place for language learners and tutor/teachers to meet online and share the same interest for foreign idioms.

"If you only can speak one language, you will live only one life ....!"  (old proverb)

As a new teacher, I just wanted to introduce myself and inform about my services online.

I am a real professional language instructor with years of teaching experience (more than 20 years), and I 've been teaching my mother tongue (French) online for nearly 4 years by now via my website :

I am trilingual (together with English + Spanish) and I have a HUGE passion for foreign languages.

I can offer 1 2 1  tailor-made classes in order to match with each specific need as I consider every learner to be unique, with his own level of knowledge, his own personal goal and motivation. Serious work but fun also in my classes.

Learning to speak French is not that difficult !       I can prove it !    Will it be your next challenge......  ??

For businessmen and executives working in international trade, I have also created a special "Business French "course listing 15 different commercial situations (writing, reading, oral expression, grammar and syntax... and more )

Anyone interested and wants to get more details, just drop me a line.

Thanks to all for your attention !

Best regards from Paris

Jean-marie as Toubab (toubab means white man in Wolof, an idiom from Senegal)



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