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Compair Present Tense between Bengali And Turkish

Ami barite jai     Ben eve giderim   I go to the home

In Bangla and Turkish Structure is

Subject + Object + verb

In english it's Subject + verb + object

So It's easier to learn bangla or turkish for each other I guess.

Lets Make it Clear. Here is the vocabulary;

Ami = ben = I
Bari = ev = home
Barite = eve = to home
Jai = giderim = go in present tense for 1st person (I)

In bangla verb gets an adding according to person. So does in Turkish. But In bangla there is 1 adding for person and present together. In turkish there are two addings, 1 for person 1 for time.

gid-er-im = I go = jai

Let's do for other persons
Ami Jai = ben giderim
tumi jao = sen gidersin
apni jan = siz gidersiniz
se jae = o gider
tini jan = o gider (he for respectful form in bangla. It doesn't change in turkish)




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