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lets listen azeri music

  hello my friends,
  I like listening Azerian musics very much.I want everybody to write here which azeri music you like so i can learn more azerian music.
firstly i like ''ayrılık'' this is an Azerian folk song and in Turkey lots of important singer sang this song like BARIŞ MANÇO and LEMAN SAM but i don't know its real azerian singer please if anybody know tell me. 



   Another Azerian song that i want to suggest you is ''Çırpınırdı Karadeniz''  in fact this is an Ottoman empire's military band music.And it is about Black sea .Black sea means Karadeniz in Turkish.And an Azerian singer ''Azerin''  sang this military music with her strong voice.I really prefer everyone to listen it you will be charmed.
Song:''Çırpınırdı Karadeniz'' or ''Çırpınırdı Qara deniz''

you can also whach in youtube:

Sarı gelin is very good music, listen it .İt`s so good that Armenians robbed it and sing our music.load this music on an`ll be pleasant
ok jacobien i wana say that "Ayrılıq " is very good music. Ququş sang this music.She was from South Azerbaijan you know there as Iran. But Yaqub Zurufçu sang this music too. He is from Soth Azerbaijan too,but he cames to Azerbaijan very often and he also considers  Azerbaijan singer. Except them many other singers sang it. if you want you can download song-"Ayrılıq "  by Ququş and
by Yaqub Zurufçu
this is our famous music  "Sarı gəlin"  download it

and Azerbaijanis`  another magnificient music  "Qarabağ şikəstəsi"

and the last one is the music by great Azerbaijan composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov named Arazbari

I want to suggest another very good music.
   This music had writen by Azeri folk for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who is the founder and first president of Turkey. Azeri folk sang this song when Atatürk have wisited Azeri folks territory.
....Lyric is simply :  'Welcome Mustafa Kemal Pasha, live forever with your soldiers with your nation with your flag ,  Azeri Turks are waiting you with flag on their hand.'

 thank jacobien!you`re very active member here.go on like this)
Thank u gulara very much.I also want readers to write their comments about these songs.While i'm writing this 400 person has already read this topic. I want to see more comments.
'Küçelere su serpmişem' is a slow and very good music.
Singer; Azerin::::::
     Ezginin günlüğü:::
'Gel ey seher'   This song's singer is Polat bülbüloğlu but also Şebnem ferah(She is a turkish rock singer) sang this song together with polat bülbüloğlu:I like this version much. 
jacobien what is this  music Ezginin günlüğü? I`ve not heard about it who sings it?

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