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1st Activity - Introduce Yourself

Howdy guys! This is our very first activity and I strongly advise every new member to complete it so. This task is divided into two steps:

  1. Let a message introducing yourself using your native language.
  2. Right bellow, translate it to English.



Olá meu nome é Luciano Freitas Junior, tenho 22 anos e sou brasileiro. Criei esta comunidade como ponto de encontro de  todos aqueles que precisam/querem aprender algum idioma ou até mesmo já sabem, mas querem compartilhar seus conhecimentos e ajudar os outros. Eu sou professor de inglês aqui no Brasil e dou aulas de inglês desde 2004, conte comigo para ajudá-los durante o processo. Até mais!!

English Version.
Hi my name is Luciano Freitas Junior, I am 22 years old and I'm brazilian. I've created this community as a meeting point to all those who need/want to learn any language or even that ones who already know it, and want to share your knowledge and help others out. I'm an English Teacher  here in Brazil and I attend classes since 2004, count on me to give you a hand during the learning process.
See you!!

Hi everybody! :)
I'm Raoudha from Tunisia. I've been working as an esl teacher since 2002.
Although I'm a nonnative-English-speaking teacher, I believe I can benefit others by virtue of my own experience as an English language learner and my experience as a teacher ;) ... I'm also sure that I'm able to help those wishing to learn English simply because I love teaching and I'm dedicated to my job. I'm doing it mainly because I enjoy doing it and not for money or prestige. Moreover, I'm familiar with some other languages and how they relate to the English language. That's why, I can more effectively help those who want to learn English as a second or additional language.
However, teaching is not my only hobby

I love reading, travelling and listening to music. I also like to gain more knowledge.
As I learn more and more, I see how little I know :)
(The more I learn, the more I know (: )
I love all the people of different religions, cultures, colours and races.
I'm kind and helpful. I'm also honest and loyal and expect the same from others...

Hola, mi nombre es Alejandro, tengo 24 años y vivo en Cuba. Recien termine los estudios en ingenieria Informatica y ahora estoy de vacaciones. Me gusta mucho la musica, compartir con mis amigos y aprender todo lo que se pueda....

English vertion:
Hello, my name is Alejandro, I am 24 years old and I living in Cuba. I finish recently my studies like informatic engeneer and I'm on vacations now. I like music very much, share with my friends and learn everything I can.

Hi my name is Wells Lee, I am 23 years old and I'm chinese. for some reason i have to study English. I'm gladly to share my knowledge with my friends.
Add me

See you!!

Hi for all, my name is Wanderson and i'm from brazil. My first target is
exchange experiencies with people around the world, and mainly learning
english of course!

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