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  • In this lesson we will learn the Arabic Alphabet Insha'Allah (God Willing).  The lesson is designed to teach the names of all the alphabets. Click on the letters to hear how the letter names are pronounced and the sound of the letter. 

  • Please note that some of these letters are very similar to English letter sounds e.g. Baa is very close to the letter 'B' in the English language, this is a useful way to remember the sounds of the letters.  However many letters have no equivalent sound in English e.g. 'Ayn, and some letters have subtle but important differences in pronunciation, e.g. Ha which is pronounced with a lot more emphasis in the throat than the letter 'H' in English.  Please listen to the sound of the letters pronunciation also by clicking on the letters to hear the correct pronunciation.

  • Finally, please note that the Arabic script is read from right to left.   Please read the letters below starting from the right and reading each letter to the left. 

Click on Letters to hear pronunciation

Arabic Character:
Jeem Thaa Taa Baa Alif Letter Name:
j th t b a Letter Sound:


ذ د خ ح Arabic Character:
Raa Dhaal Daal Kha Ha Letter Name:
r dh d kh h Letter Sound:
ض ص ش س ز Arabic Character:
Daad Saad Sheen Seen Zaa Letter Name:
d s sh s z Letter Sound:
ف غ ع ظ ط Arabic Character:
Faa Ghayn 'Ayn Za Ta Letter Name:
f gh ` z t Letter Sound:
ن م ل ك ق Arabic Character:


Meem Laam Kaaf Qaaf Letter Name:
n m l k q Letter Sound:
    ي و هـ Arabic Character:
    Yaa Waaw Haa Letter Name:
    y w h Letter Sound:



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