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The Double Vowel-Marks:

     The Double Vowel-Marks:
  • The double vowel-marks signs are an extension of the single vowel-marks.  The double vowel signs add the '-n' sound to the single vowel.   Please see the letters below.  The Daal has been used to enable us to see the position of the double vowel sign which is called tanweenTanween refers to the double form of any vowel, the specific name of the double vowel sign e.g. double Fatha is also given below as this is unique for each vowel. Click on the letters with the vowel-marks to hear the pronunciation.

    Click on Letters to hear pronunciation

اٌ اٍ


Arabic Character:
Dammataan Kasrataan Fathataan Vowel Name:
'un' 'in' 'an' Vowel Sound:
The 'un' in sun. The 'in' in sin.

The 'an' in ran.

English word with similar sound:


In the next lesson we are going to practice each letter we have covered with each short vowel and long vowel, Insha'Allah.



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