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dificult to find a partner to learn language really

Perhaps not handsome enough,or too old




yes,really difficult.
because too many people want to learn English

Honestly speaking,I'm always getting confused by this english mania. Are we all crazy???

no we are not crazy. the whole world is going to crazy

no..we are not crazy just the whole world is going to be crazy......

I want to find a partner to learn oral english. 

I want to look somebody for  isq fellowship

I  want  to find to partner to learn english```

 It's true that it's hard...  there are too many people who want to learn English relatively speaking...

The other thing is to offer help -- post here?

You can also consider paying for an English tutor?

Maybe what you said is right.
English tends to be very useful for business, I think that is why many people would like to learn the language. It opens doors to different oportunities.

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