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Hungarian language - introduction.

Roots of the language.
Grammar structure.



These are the basic greetings in Hungarian:

Szia ! - Hello (Ciao)
Szervusz! - Hello (Ciao/Salve)
Jo reggelt kivanok ! - Good morning(Buon Giorno)
Jo estet kivanok! - Good Evening (Buona Sera)
Jo ejszakat kivanok! - Good Night(Buona Notte)
Viszontlatasra - Till we meet again (Arrivederci)

Also I would recommend the learners the book : Hungarian in Words and Pictures , this is a very good book and contains grammatical explanations in english which are very essential. is a good website for Hungarian language related sources
also u can contact me at my email : this is a very good Hungarian (multilingual) dictionary



Nagyon tetszik, hogy magyarul tanulsz, pedig elég messze vagy innen.

I like it that you are learning hungarian, although you live far away from here. 

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