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popular phrases and slang HERE!-frescas frases y jerga AQUÍ!!!

Post any popular words or phrases that you want the world to know here! ;)



Hola,acabo de llagar aquí,jaja.

Hola Olessia, muchas gracias por tu invitacion. Que estes bien.
Hola! Una fase muy popular en mi país (Perú)es :"¡Que piña eres!". Significa que tienes muy mala suerte o que no te salió bien algo. Qué equivalentes en inglés conocen? Saludos a todos

gracias alejacha para la frase!!! :) ~olessia
En mexico decimos "buena onda" o todo aquello que pensamos que es buena onda jajaja
jaja aca en uruguay cuando todo te sale mal se dice que uno "es un culo"

In Chile, "culo" mean ass. En Chile, "culo" signfica trasero xD

mmm... aca en Chile se dice "bakan" a lo que es cool. el resto de la jerga que hay son muchas groserías así que mejor no las menciono. :P

Some words tourists most likely hear when arriving here are: "Eso le sale a $1000" (It costs $1000) "No pasa na"" (No problem with that, I don't mind that) "Calmado!" (easy!, take it easy!) "kiu?", kiubo?" (what's up?, what's going on?" "rusia" (low-class name for blondes) "paco" (cop, slang term for police officer) "aletazo" (fist hit, fighting) "se agarraron a combos" (they were engaged in a fist fight)

Some funny and useful slang terms for ladies, to be aware while on Chilean streets (some terms are also used on other contries): "mijita rica!" (outspoken compliments for gorgeous ladies, specially from low-class workers) "culo" (ass) "cachetes" (buttocks) "mansos cachetes" (big or nice buttocks) "gomas", "lolas" (breasts) "gringa" (blonde or any white/caucasian lady) "chinita" (asian lady, amusing) "negrita" (color or latin lady, amusing) "morenaza" (gorgeous color lady) "mansa mina", "camión" ( gorgeous lady) "cosita rica" (gorgeous lady, amusing) "pendex" (children or inmature behaviored person) "jamon" (lady's beautiful legs) "comer" (very slang for intimate engagement with a lady, not necessarily sexual) Ok, too much...I'm just laughing XD

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